Not far were the days of soothing summers,

When I found a crystal ball, showing nothing but fading colors.

Something lured me to make a purchase

When “It’s fragile, think before you keep it”, they said.


Fearing that I might break it, I kept it away

Cold in the dark, it turned smudgy, away from the ray.

I took the leap and asked what it has to show

The crystal immediately lit up with a subliminal glow.


It showed me clear skies and violent storms

But what caught my eyes, were the starry nights, not of usual norms

To get the best, one must rise above the clouds, I knew

Forgetting what’s right, that’s where it got wronged. Oops, Was that a cue?


The days that followed were the days of highs and lows

But sometimes, the best thing to do is to go with flows.

Each time, I looked into the Crystal, it showed me a different picture

Jumbled and puzzled, I always longed for some new fixture


Trying hard to keep it safe, I thought of using it less

Oh, that! I omitted the details, which was to create a mess.

Lost in my world, I relied on some ideas as stupid as an excuse

After all, it was what I decided to choose.


Then one day, when I expected the least

I found it broken, Alas! Was it a beast?

I could have asked my crystal, but that was gone

What’s gone is gone, what’s the point in frowning upon?


Things change when you lose your crystal,

You’re on your own now, facing the frigid Mistral.

It may take a week or years more than six

To reach to a point, where you finally get fixed.


It’s been days since I lost my Orbuculum

Sorry, need to correct, lost the Orbuculum.

You can never tell what’s yours and what’s not

But you can always rely on the lessons, it taught.


In hindsight, I should have a better foresight then

But how could I, being oblivious to what the Crystal showed again and again?


Rise up and never look back again

Every day, we hear news about rape, torture and emotionally blackmailing. Is this the reason why girls these days are so afraid? So, afraid of being judged, of attracting negative attention, of making a mistake, of always living cautiously so that she doesn’t repent later? This is the reason why they are afraid of leading because it is how it is. Even now people which mean both females and males look down upon women who has leadership qualities or are dominating. They don’t find it to be a feminine quality, and hence term them as bossy (which makes it pretty clear why they are detested) Maybe, our society is male- dominant but it wasn’t the same from the beginning. Someday, we used to consider the women as Goddess. They were the elites of our society. Fast forward to now, women these days are afraid, I have felt it myself. We feel dependent on our males and other people. Well, was it my fault? No, I ensure you that this isn’t anyone’s fault. Our whole psychological belief has been the same way and this wasn’t done in a day or two. It took thousands of years to be how we are now. Men find the weak and dependent girls alluring for they can have their authority on them and hence feel confident themselves. Instead of telling them to be strong and resilient, they are advised to stay at home, and that it’s completely fine to be dependent, all they need to do is doll up and look pretty. Well, did anyone tell you that we like to dress up to feel good about ourselves and not to attract you, in general? Maybe that’s pretty hard to get it for most of our males are narrow – minded, well not just males, women as well. So, yeah it’s a big challenge for the girls to overcome the societal barriers, to overcome their psychological problems and to rise over the derogatory comments they get to hear every day and take on the challenge to get to the top.